Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NYE Block Party

Year after year, I try so hard to find something fun to do on New Years Eve and year after year, I fail to do so.  I always have such high expectations for NYE and am always let down because what I end up doing isn't as much fun as I hoped it to be.  Being in my early 20's, I've always wanted to party hard and get completely trashed on NYE because that's what people do right? Not this year.  This year I plan on kicking back and enjoying myself surrounded with my boyfriend and some good friends.  Thus, when I found out about the OC Fair NYE Block Party, I figured it to be fun and relaxing.  What really caught my eye was the 50 food trucks that are going to be there.  All those trucks in one place?  Sign me up!

First off, OC Fair is having a preview party next Thursday, December 16th.  It's free to get in and it'll be a good taste of what the NYE event will be.

I'll be there stuffing my face at my favorite trucks.  Come say 'hi' if you see me!

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