Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vegas to OC

No, I didn't go to Vegas this weekend, but I do have a trip planned for March 28-30 :)

Recap of the weekend-

Thursday: I decided to skip class and go to Steve's Match Day at UCI. Match Day is where med school students find out where they do their residency.

Steve opening his letter. I would be such a nervous wreck if I had to open a letter that determined the next several years of my life in front of a huge crowd!

His mother is VERY excited he's doing his residency at UCLA.  

I'm so extremely proud of him. Friends for 9 years :)

We all went to Sam Woo for lunch, then Yard House for some afternoon drinks. 

Later that night I met up with some OC Tweeters at Claim Jumpers for Debbie's LLS fundraiser.  It was great getting to meet and talk to new people. 

Friday: Worked til 6, then Gyu Kaku for the return of our favorite Vegas couple, Carlo and Andrea.  We were celebrating Carlo's belated birthday and decided to do happy hour at Gyu for their cheap eats and drinks. 

Happy Belated C-Lo

The BF decided to go in for the kill

Saturday: Worked til 3. Picked up another acai bowl from Banzai Bowl

So delicious!

Went bowling. I finally broke 100, but still lost. Had dinner with Vy and Vince at a new Peruvian restaurant that just opened near my house called DX Peruvian.  It was alright, but I still prefer Inka Grill in Costa Mesa. 

Sunday: Work til 4 and just relaxing for the rest of the night.

Quote of the day-
Friendship with one's self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world --Eleanor Roosevelt

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